Since 2006, the Societe Generale Foundation has been responsible for the Group's civic commitment by supporting those in difficulty in their search for training and jobs. But the financial commitment of Societe Generale would be worthless if it were not for the solidarity of our employees.

“If I can help someone to find a job, that’s a great success." Houda, a mentor at Mozaïk RH since 2015

Among other things, employees can become mentors of the beneficiaries of partner charities to the Foundation. As a mentor, they support a person in social difficulty or who has fallen out of the employment market, with their education, career advice or job search by sharing their experience and giving advice.

"Mentoring is an enriching experience and a source of personal development, both for the mentor and the mentee. Being a mentor means using one's experience and skills in circumstances that are very different from those of the everyday working environment, which makes you think about your own career, your motivation and bolsters your self-confidence."

Cécile Jouenne-Lanne, Head of the Citizenship Department at Societe Generale

Mentoring and tutoring programmes exist in most of the countries where Societe Generale operates. In India and the United Kingdom, young grant holders and the beneficiaries of our partner charities, Enabling Enterprise and City Gateway, from working class areas of London receive support from employees as part of their studies and job searches. Other employees, in Senegal, have chosen to mentor young people living in the streets of Dakar to help them succeed in finding jobs. These people, with no other guidance, see the help from our employees as an essential means of support.

In France, there are also many openings in the regions, and these are always supported by the partner charities of the Societe Generale Foundation. Employees can, for example, help schoolchildren and students develop their career plans thanks to Article 1 (formerly Frateli) and Capital Filles. The associations NQT and Mozaïk RH focus more on young people with qualifications to help guide them as they join the workforce. Finally, and to mention but a few, Proxité offers educational support for adolescents in Noisy-le-Grand and Nanterre to help restore their self-confidence. Employees living in the Paris area are hereby invited to two information sessions about mentoring attended by the associations: 26 September in La Défense (from 12 noon to 2:30 pm in the Galerie Ephémère on the ground floor of the Tour Granite) and 5 October in Val-de-Fontenay (from 12 noon to 2:30 pm in the Forum des Dunes).


"If I had to use just two words, they would be opportunity and enrichment." Laurence Lelarge, a mentor at Mozaïk RH since 2012

“We’ve both taken something away from our year together." Jaoueb, a mentor at Capital Filles since 2014

"Today, being a mentor gives me the satisfaction of making myself useful and contributing to the personal development of young people who both deserve and need it." Ludovic Dalstein, a mentor at Areli since 2012

"The meeting with my mentor was a very simple affair. I met her in her office, she spoke to me a bit about her career and I spoke about my background." Sandra, a mentee at NQT

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