How does the Foundation’s board of directors operate?
The Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity’s Board of Directors meets three times a year for a morning to decide on the funding to be granted to charities which have requested support.
Chaired by Didier Alix, this body comprises six company representatives and two employees * and four "qualified persons" **, experts in the Foundation’s areas of work.

What happens before the Board meetings?
Before the event, projects are investigated by the Citizenship team to ensure that they fit into the Foundation's goal of encouraging professional integration. This phase is to verify the seriousness and professionalism of the structure and the advantages of the project, its consistency and the long-term nature of the work in order to enable its beneficiaries to return to long-term employment. Projects are then submitted to a selection committee. It forms an opinion which is then sent to the Board.  Funding requests are presented by the team responsible for the investigation phase.

What types of projects are examined?
On 6th July, the board members met at the Societe Generale head office to study close to 30 projects with diverse aims: encouraging mobility, supporting young jobseekers, creating a micro-credit agency, developing the integration of secondary school children through sport or supporting an integration project.
Like Societe Generale, a bank with a strong local presence through its network of branches which is also influential on the international stage, the Foundation supports both local projects and projects beyond French borders in countries where the Group is present. Charities working in Morocco, Romania, Burkina Faso, Madagascar and French Polynesia have all received financial support.

What causes have been supported?
During the meeting held in early July, the board members voted to support 23 projects worth a total of €600,000, out of the annual allocation of €2 million.

Let's have a look at some of the causes that the Foundation has chosen to support!

-    EcoFormation
The project aims to create a training centre in forestry and agricultural skills in the north-west of Madagascar for young people with no training or jobs in an area that has been stricken by the massive destruction of forests. The Board of Directors gave €75,000 to the project, in light of its triple environmental, economic and social impact, the extensive support that local authorities have given the project and finally the involvement of BFV SG, the bank’s subsidiary in Madagascar.

-    Les Apprentis d’Auteuil
The project aims to develop rugby divisions aimed at 14 to 21 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are failing at school or moving towards dropping out, with a view to reconciling them with school and the social process through the development of sporting talent. This charity, which had already received the Foundation's support, was given €60,000 to support its work. The administrators liked this project, which matches Societe Generale’s rugby sponsorship strategy. In this project, sport is used to facilitate integration as part of a holistic, personalised approach which will increase its relevance and social impact.

-    Mozaïk RH
Young graduate girls in the Paris region from disadvantaged areas are supported by a not-for-profit recruitment agency. The board gave the agency €20,000, and mentioned that it particularly appreciated the strengths of the project, which aims to fight gender discrimination and combat the inequalities that affect an undervalued target.

* Representatives of the company and staff: Didier Alix, President of the Foundation - Michel Pérétié, Director of the Finance and Investment Bank - Joseph-Emile Serna, the Foundation's Treasurer  - Cécile Jouenne-Lanne, Citizenship Manager - Jean-Michel Mépuis, Director of Sustainable Development - Yvon Savi, "Talents & Partage" administrator - Frédéric de Fondaumière, Central Works Committee representative.

** Qualified people: Philippe Oddou, Head of the charity Sport dans la Ville – Jean-Marie Petitclerc, Head of the charity Valdocco – Marie Trellu-Khane, Head of the charity Unis-Cité.

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