On 6 July 2017, on the eve of the summer break, the teachers and pupils of Diderot B & Langevin-Wallon primary school in Gennevilliers, and Pasteur A primary school in Garches came together for a unique event. The early morning rain eventually made way for clear skies, so the eighty year-5 & 6 pupils and their teachers faced the elements and the end-of-year fatigue for a moment of sharing, to celebrate the notion of living together and enjoy a game of rugby.

In association with the priority education network (REP+) at Guy Môquet high school in Gennevilliers under the guidance of Cyril Jany, PLAY International organised the event during which the pupils could have fun and learn at the same time, as well as get to know one another. Living together, is first and foremost about BEING together and DOING things together. The aim of the morning was to allow the pupils to get to know one another, and to have fun and creative experiences both with their friends and with people they don’t already know.

After a short introduction, the children were sorted into groups to take part in the three different workshops. In the first workshop, the children took part in a ‘playdagogy’ session from the Living Together - Rugby kit in three steps: a game based on a theme, a game without a theme, and a debate. The topics included prejudices and developing equality between boys and girls, racism and intercultural issues, and changing the way people look at others with disabilities. Each of the issues was raised and discussed through the games and debates. In the second workshop, the pupils were introduced to the game of rugby - the underlying theme of the various activities in the playdagogy kit. Using the equipment provided by the local rugby club, the children learned skills such as passing, running, and tackling in small groups. The third workshop had the children think as a group about the theme of living together by creating and decorating part of a mural together that was unveiled at the end of the event. Friendship, respect, tolerance, fraternity, peace and sharing were some of the values that the children chose to depict in the mural.

At almost 1pm, after holding a final discussion to conclude the morning and taking a group photo with the children’s mural, the children and adults enjoyed a picnic lunch together. It was a well-earned lunch that rounded off the morning packed with thought-provoking workshops and fun physical activities.

The living together programmes run by PLAY International, with the support of the Societe Generale Foundation and other local players, offered the children an enjoyable time and the fun of playing and learning together. We wish the children and their teachers an enjoyable holiday and look forward to seeing them again in September for more active and participative pedagogy.


Contact(s) :  Marie-Victoire Wolff
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