The Societe Generale Corporate Foundation, created in 2006, advocates for professional integration. Beyond financial support for partner organizations, it offers employees the opportunity to get involved in its projects, through skills-based sponsorship.
The popular chantiers solidaires (solidarity work sites) involve inviting teams of Societe Generale employees to work with partner organizations for a day or a half day. The aim is to provide logistical support or help facilitate events on a one-off basis.

These solidarity days aim to 

• offer employees the opportunity to enjoy a transformative experience through solidarity

• respond to the real needs of partner organizations

• give everyone the chance to feel useful and proud to be part of their team

To match the generosity of its employees, the company also makes a donation to the organization the employees visit. According to Cécile Jouenne-Lanne, the Group Director for Citizenship, “more and more employees feel the need to invest in a solidarity project, as evidenced by the rise in volunteering which we have observed within the Group these past few years.” “Beyond offering financial support, our Foundation is committed to satisfying this need by offering a variety of ways of getting involved which are tailored to our employees’ availability, whether they want to be part of a short-term, one-off project or commit to something longer-term,” she explains.
The solidarity days take place all year round and all over the world. In Bangalore, for example, 100 employees spent a day with young people from VIDYA, which supports education and integration for students from under-privileged backgrounds in the state of Tamil Nadu. Societe Generale employees made cookies as part of a cooking workshop and led a financial education workshop. Their time with the students was an unforgettable experience.
Since the solidarity action days were started in 2015, many Societe Generale managers have decided to rally their teams around projects which develop a strong sense of purpose. Over 200 employees have already taken part in collective actions to help organizations supported by the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation, as suggested by their managers.

In 2017, five partner Societe Generale Corporate Foundation organizations received support through solidarity days.

Employees can

  • take part in gardening activities and cooking classes in the training restaurant with the young people supported by Apprentis d’Auteuil;

  • renovate the emergency accommodation centre for Aurore;

  • renovate the meeting rooms at the Centre Primo Levi;

  • take part in a workshop to sort, collect and fix toys with employees on the integration programme at Rejoué;

  • take part in a workshop to sort and collect clothes and work outfits with employees on the integration programme at La Cravate Solidaire;

Get an insider’s perspective on these solidarity days through the testimonials of one our three employees who spent a day working with one of our partner organizations.

Discover what Emilie, Marie-Hélène and Ludivine have to say about the experience!

Contact(s) :  Marie-Victoire Wolff
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