This year’s first Selection Committee meeting for subsidy applications made to the Societe Generale Foundation was held on 3 March 2017. The Selection Committee chose to support four projects promoting integration or education through sport and culture as well as professional integration for people in difficulty.


Y Care International

Founded in 1985, Y Care International is the UK’s leading international association that focuses exclusively on enterprise and employability for young vulnerable individuals aged 15-25 around the world. Y Care International works with the international YMCA network which helps it to run programmes with a local team. Together, they run programmes in more than 15 countries around the world, the majority of which are in Africa. As part of the YMCA network, Y Care International has acquired a great deal of experience setting up programmes in developing countries, particularly in Africa where the YMCA has worked for over 15 years.


The programme 

The programme aims to give 800 vulnerable and uneducated young people in Casamance access to independent jobs to become entrepreneurs.

Y Care International offers professional training in agriculture, business management, and help obtaining a loan, to allow the young people start up their business, generate a sustainable revenue and secure themselves an independent future. The training programme will offer brush-up courses in basic skills such as reading and writing for individuals forced to give up school early. Young people leave the regions they grew up in at an early age to go and work in Dakar because there are more jobs. The programme will offer real opportunities for young people in difficulty in Casamance. It will considerably reduce poverty among the five communities in the region.

To begin with, forty trainers will receive training. In turn, they will train some 200 young people during the first year. The training course will last nine months and will take place in the farming camps, abandoned by the state and given to the YMCA for young people to practise and train. Three professional centres will be manned by the local teams in the areas where the project is set up.

The Foundation is proud to support Y Care International. We will tell you more about their fine work shortly!

Contact(s) :  Marie-Victoire Wolff
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