Houda has worked for Societe Generale for 5 years in market finance project management. As part of the Societe Generale employee commitment programme, Houda has worked with the Frateli organisation where the work involves mentoring a brilliant student from a modest background throughout their university studies. The problem being that her bright mentee just needed something in the way of moral support: believing in her was already a lot for this young student. By providing simple support, Houda realised that she could do something and that she could be useful at her own level.

“If I can help her to find a job, that’s a great success”

In 2015, Houda became a Mozaik RH mentor in order to mentor a young graduate from a diverse background in finding a job, providing advice and professional guidance. Mozaik RH recommends that mentors see their mentees just three times, but Houda wanted to go further. They see each other once a month for two hours at the Societe Generale head offices at La Défense. For 9 months, Houda has supported a young girl carrying out research and education on a career change. During their first meeting, Houda wanted to understand her needs, her expectations and difficulties. As the young graduate had a specific job in mind, Houda tried to see if there were opportunities in her own network. They then worked together on her CV and carried out mock interviews. After three months of searching, Houda had to explain to her mentee that it is difficult to find the position that she wanted due to her lack of specialisation and skills in the field. She suggested broadening her search. As things do not happen by chance, during a dinner with friends, Houda met a woman who works in her mentee’s field of interest, and she handed over her CV for an open position. Houda used her knowledge to coach the young graduate for an interview, asking the most specific questions possible. After several interviews, the young graduate was taken on and is still working there now.

“What would you say to someone who is unsure about taking part? Come and talk to me”

We need to realise that we still have added value, we can still be useful to someone. Her commitment to her mentee only takes 2 hours of her time per month. For monitoring and mentoring, there is no need for significant preparation, the sessions involve discussions which can be organised during a lunch break or at the end of the day.

To describe her experience, Houda has chosen the word “Sharing” as this meeting is a moment of sharing, where we learn from others, and not just superficially.

Jaoueb and Hervé tell us about being a mentor.

Contact(s) :  Marie-Victoire Wolff
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