Hervé Maniez has worked at Societe Generale for 18 years. He works in asset and liability management for the bank & international financial services. Hervé has been a mentor for 4 years for the Nos quartiers ont des talents (NQT) association with the aim of mentoring young graduates, at Bachelor’s degree level and above who come from working class neighbourhoods.

Hervé has mentored around ten young people between 24 and 27 years old, generally those with science-based Master’s degrees living in Ile-de-France who have had problems in finding their first job. 

Hervé took part as he was not volunteering at the time and it was one of the things that he wanted to do. With a very busy schedule, both in his professional and personal life, Hervé wanted to take part quickly and efficiently. By becoming a mentor for NQT, he spends two hours per month with a young person. He generally sees his mentee twice at the Societe Generale head offices as the majority end up finding a job. He can be contacted by email for any request. Hervé mentors young people who have been sending their CV out for several months but have not received a reply.

“It's a marathon effort to find a job these days”

During their first meeting, he starts by learning about the situation, desires and needs of the young people he mentors. During the second part of the meeting, Hervé looks over their CV, their project and they work together on areas for improvement. It is important to remotivate his mentee and to help them understand that they are not the problem but that finding a job is always a complicated task, particularly when entering the world of work for the first time. Finally, the meeting ends with a mock interview where at the end Hervé analyses whether their presentation is well structured, credible and if it conveys emotion. For Hervé, interviews should be seen as a game where you have to sell yourself, not oversell yourself, and show humility. Once his mentee finds a job, he helps another young person.

For Hervé, helping someone has meaning, the person that is helped gets a boost to their motivation.  The mentor creates value for the person. Through Societe Generale, he can help someone to find a job in his working time. In addition, Hervé is also satisfied with what mentoring offers him, and he actively promotes the programme. Some of his colleagues have also taken part as mentors.

For Hervé, you need the minimum of experience and knowledge to act as a mentor. Being busy is not an excuse as he has a busy schedule but two hours a month requires just a little organisation.

To describe his experience, Hervé has chosen the word “Rewarding” as this meeting is a real human adventure, an interesting and highly motivating human exchange. The more young people he helps, the more he wants to continue to be a mentor as it is mutually rewarding.

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