Our colleagues all over the world have introduced Financial Education initiatives to make young people and adults alike aware of the importance of managing their everyday budgets effectively.

We have close relationships with our customers and are very aware of local needs, which is why Societe Generale Group entities all over the world have implemented Financial Education tools and training courses for young people and adults. These initiatives are supported locally by volunteers from among our staff, who have given us enthusiastic feedback about their experiences.

Convinced as we are that the sensible use of banking products and services is achieved through financial education, Societe Generale has drawn on the skills of its employees to deploy tools throughout its network in order to help young people and people in difficulty to manage their budgets more effectively.


Employees from various professions and entities within the company have been stepping up since 2013, working alongside the CRESUS association (Chambre Régionale du Surendettement Social, a group of regional agencies working to combat over-indebtedness) on a trans-regional solidarity Financial Education project. Since its inception, the programme has raised awareness among almost 3,500 pupils in apprenticeship training centres (Centres de Formation d’Apprenti(e)s, CFA) and through a number of associations (Second Chance Schools/Ecoles de la 2ème Chance (E2C), the Capital Filles support organisation for young women, Chantiers d’Insertion (the function of which is to help integrate people into the working world), etc.) throughout France.

2017 Financial Education project launched
The goal of Financial Education is to help young people aged between 16 and 25 and people in difficulty to make sense of financial terminology and to offer them practical support in managing their everyday budgets: learning about the various payment methods, income and expenditure management, savings, borrowing. The project was launched in partnership with the CRESUS association, which assists those who are in financial difficulties or over-indebted.

As part of the project, Societe Generale employees visit secondary schools, apprenticeship training centres (CFAs) and various associations throughout France together with facilitators from CRESUS. The information is presented through the French budgeting game Dilemme (Dilemma). The game is simple: each turn represents a month's salary and the object is to finish the month having paid off all your debts. In order to win the game, however, a player also needs to undertake a personal project ("travel to the Seychelles", "buy a new car", etc.) and must therefore think about how to reduce their spending and build up savings. Finally, players must also collect "treat points" along the way. These correspond to engaging in leisure and cultural activities. Temptations, unforeseen circumstances and various choices make for a journey that is dotted with theoretical questions.

The first sessions in Reims and Mulhouse in 2017 were a great success. This is an enriching experience for the young people and the employees alike, allowing all present to take part in a real exchange within a friendly atmosphere.

For Marco Martins, who is responsible for facilitating partnerships and planning within the Societe Generale Commercial Operations department in Mulhouse, the session was a highly positive experience. Using the game Dilemme allows financial education to be presented in a more fun way than usual, which helps give participants a much more concrete understanding of the subject.

The Reims Board of Management is proud to have launched the programme in 2017 with a group of apprentice winemakers at the Avize CFA on 12 January. The future vintners got caught up in the game and spent 2 hours playing enthusiastically together with the CRESUS facilitators and the Societe Generale employees. During the session, the topics of savings, current expenditure, bank cards, debt ratios and insurance rates were addressed in a fun, amusing manner.

Sessions are organised all year round in France.

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Societe Generale also offers its employees the opportunity to develop their professional skills by participating in international financial education programmes (particularly in Poland, Morocco, Albania, the Czech Republic, Spain, the USA, Benin, Senegal and a number of other countries).

Focus on Financial Education in Poland
Societe Generale is working to promote financial education among its customers through its "Family Budget" project with Eurobank. As part of this programme, banking specialists share their expertise with Polish consumers on how to use banking services sensibly. Two easily accessible online platforms are dedicated to this project: www.eurobank.pl/doradzamy, which is intended for users who are venturing into the world of banking for the first time, and www.money.pl/eurobank, which offers more detailed information from the financial world. Both platforms feature articles written in simple language by specialists as well as financial glossaries and entertainment items (quizzes and surveys).

Also in Poland, a financial education programme developed in partnership with an association and a number of secondary schools has been in place since 2015, with the aim of helping young secondary school pupils gain a better understanding of budget management and develop healthy habits in this area.



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