On Saturday 12 November, the association Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème inaugurated the multipurpose stadium for its PK 24 children's home, in the presence of around 40 children from the institution, as well as Alexandre Beziaud, Director of Societe Generale Cameroon and his employees.

Located 24 km from Douala, PK 24 is a home for children and adolescents who have been living on the streets or who have left prison. The aim is to help them make plans for the future through schooling or jobs, depending on their age. Sport plays a major role in the social reintegration process for these children. It gives them the chance to learn the fundamental values they need to live in society.

The stadium was renovated in particular with the financial support of Societe Generale Cameroon and the Societe Generale Foundation.

“This help is vital for us because our youngsters really needed a playing field. Societe Generale played a major part in funding it. The stadium now offers the young athletes the chance to play at least four types of sports. I would really like to thank Societe Generale Cameroon,” explains Sister Simone, coordinator of the Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème founded by Marie Roumy in 1996.

A cheque was donated by Societe Generale Cameroon to fund the schooling and vocational training of the youngsters. Since 2010, Societe Generale Cameroon has supported the young people at the Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème. “In Cameroon, we support professional integration by helping associations that work in areas like education and the integration of young people,” explains Alexandre Beziaud.

Since 2015, the Societe Generale Foundation has been helping the Foyers Saint-Nicodème to renovate their playing field. In June 2016, fifty employees from Societe Generale Cameroon took part in a solidarity-based sports challenge raising more than CFA 1,500,000 (€2,280) for the Foyers Saint-Nicodème. The Societe Generale Foundation is extremely proud to support the project.

In 2017, the Director of Societe Generale Cameroon has confirmed that the bank will continue to offer traineeships to the young people of Cameroon, in particular to those from the Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème.

“I’m really happy we can play on the field again. I’d like to thank Societe Generale for the help they provide us. I’d also like to thank the caregivers at the centre who help us to become more useful for our country,” says Rodrigue Mbella, 14, who has lived at the centre for three years and is in his first year of secondary school.

The bank’s employees and the young people at the centre played an exhibition match for the public.

For more information, visit the Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème website!

Contact(s) :  Marie-Victoire Wolff
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