Today and tomorrow, nearly 100 employees from Dalkia, EDF, EY, CSC, Manpower, Thales, Mazars and Societe Generale have volunteered to support ten associations as part of the Pro Bono Week. For the 2016 Pro Bono Week, the Pro Bono Lab association is running its second inter-company marathon in La Défense in conjunction with Defacto.

The Pro Bono Week is an international project to raise awareness among as many people as possible about the pro bono program. More than 20 countries around the world are organising conferences, live-tweets, and free consultancy days for charities, etc. France stands out with the involvement of La Défense, the first business district in the world to get involved in the event.

During this year’s Pro Bono Marathon, volunteers will share their marketing, finance and HR skills in order to coordinate the organisations in a more professional way.

Around ten Societe Generale employees will be taking part in the event.

The associations receiving support over the two days are:

1000 VISAGES (a thousand faces) raises awareness about the various professions in the film industry for people living in disadvantaged or rural areas, some of whom have dropped out of school and jobless or with no established network. From learning about images, script writing, direction, post-production and distribution, the beneficiaries learn about all the types of jobs the industry has to offer.

Afrika Tiss develops techniques and production methods used by artisans in Africa to help them expand to a larger and more competitive market. Afrika Tiss supports local projects that generate jobs and create new skills that are environmentally friendly.

Coexister is an interfaith movement for young people which uses dialogue, solidarity, awareness and training and communal life to encourage people to live together in peace.

Cordia is an association that addresses the basic needs of people with chronic diseases and disabilities. Accommodation, food, and treatment are all necessities that require special attention when ill and weakened after lengthy hospitalisation, and when experiencing financial or social difficulties.

FACEP reinforces civic education and citizen participation by setting up innovative and educational internet platforms and mobile apps.

Inversons la classe is an association that reverses the priority of classroom activities. In a ‘reversed’ classroom, pupils carry out low-level cognitive tasks independently (consulting lesson material, information, methods, etc.) to allow more class time for helping pupils perform activities. The focus is shifted from a face-to-face approach, to a side-by-side one.

Les humoristes (the comedians) are a group that promote all forms of comedy, old and new. The association takes a range of actions to produce, develop, publish, promote and share artistic genres dealing with comedy.

Musique pour Tous (music for all) is an association that teaches music to help young people with no access to music to become fulfilled and integrate into society. We offer the individuals free group music lessons and encourage them to meet other young musicians as well as professionals.               

Rêv’Elles promotes equal opportunities and professional insertion of young women from working class areas. With its innovative and participative approach and the contributions of inspiring role models, the young women gain confidence, develop their potential, and lay the foundations of a vocational project that matches their personality and ambition.

Our employees have plenty of talent to share. This week is their chance to do so.

Contact(s) :  Marie-Victoire Wolff
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