To express its commitment to solidarity, Societe Generale is offering employees various opportunities to get involved in initiatives supported by the Foundation.

Read on to find out about the experiences of Ronald, Fadela, Garance and Sonia who volunteered to help associations in the Paris region, Morocco, Bordeaux and the UK.

More than just a language – Sonia and City Gateway in London

Illiteracy is a major obstacle for the integration of immigrant populations. In London, the City Gateway association has established a programme to help women from Bangladesh learn English. In addition to the lessons given by the teachers, Societe Generale London arranges for employees to come and have a more casual chat with the women during their lunch break. Sonia was keen to take some time to talk with these women who are often withdrawn from society and intimidated by their cultural differences. Gradually, the women express themselves better in English and become more confident. Because of the parallel between the initiative and her own experience, Sonia chose to help the women by giving them the means to find work and establish their place in society.

Watch the film of Sonia and City Gateway !

The experience of sharing – Ronald and Apprentis d’Auteuil in Meudon

Located just a few kilometres from the Societe Generale head offices in La Défense, Apprentis d’Auteuil is a horticultural training centre for young people. In a refurbished former hospital surrounded by more than two hectares of parkland, Ronald, a trader, met the apprentices and discovered their skills. Organised by the Societe Generale Foundation, the day of solidarity action saw the hierarchy turned upside down.  Alexis, a trained landscaper, showed Ronald how to cultivate the surrounding land. The two men shared their experiences and formed a real bond. Far from the trading rooms, Ronald let himself be guided by the young landscaper who was proud to share his skills with a professional from the world of finance. The men from different backgrounds came together for an afternoon to learn more about one another and share their experiences.

Watch the film of Ronald and Apprentis d'Auteuil !

Keeping an open mind – Fadela and SOS Children’s Villages in Casablanca

SOS Children’s Villages provides a home to siblings who are orphaned or in difficulty, some of whom are still infants. The children live with an SOS mother, go to the local school, and receive support until they get their first job. Cultivating these children’s curiosity is an essential part of the programme. Fadela has supported the association for several years now. To raise their awareness of the outside world, Fadela arranges artistic and leisure activities for the children, including creative workshops and a visit of the Societe Generale art collection on show in Casablanca. By cultivating their sense of discovery, Fadela has kept in touch with the children over the years. It is a great way to open the children’s hearts and minds.

Watch the film of Fadela and SOS Children's Villages !

Insertion is a team effort – Garance and Drop de Béton in Bordeaux

Garance is an account manager for associations in the Bordeaux region. Having formed a close relationship with her contacts, she supports the action undertaken by Drop de Béton on a day-to-day basis. The association uses the values of rugby as a tool for social and occupational insertion: playing by the rules, respect for others, discipline, and working as a team. With the help of Garance as a mediator, Societe Generale supports an occupational training programme for young adults aged 18 and over. Every month, a group of employees from the regional sales division give the young people management and career advice. Writing a CV, looking for a job, establishing contacts, and developing a network are just some of the skills they learn over the afternoon session. A real team effort is made for the benefit of the young adults, with the objective of setting up a sponsorship for each of them.

Watch the film of Garance and Drop de Béton !

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