Last Monday, French President François Hollande announced the names of the companies that would be helping to steer the Grande Ecole du numérique (digital Grande Ecole) programme.  Societe Generale is proud to be part of this venture alongside Google, the Caisse des dépôts et consignations, Syntec and Capgemini. Launched one year ago, the Grande Ecole du numérique programme is aimed at stimulating French education and training in digital fields. The programme allows people with few or no qualifications to pursue a qualification in the digital field.  It comprises a total of 171 courses, through which 10,000 people will be trained by the end of 2017. The courses will help meet the recruitment needs in the digital field and increase the number of women working in the sector. CEO Frédéric Bardeau, who attended the meeting, spoke about the connection between his association and Societe Generale and the new step they would be taking through their involvement with the Grande Ecole du Numérique scheme.

The Societe Generale Foundation has supported Simplon twice in the past. In 2015, SIMPLonMARS helped to train 25 young people from the northern neighbourhoods of Marseille in the digital field. As a result, 80% of the participants were able to find employment upon completing their training. In 2016, the Foundation once again offered its support, this time for the Just Code It project. The goal of this project was to teach 120 young people, most of them from Seine-Saint Denis, how to code. Of these, 70 will start intensive 6-month training courses as will be provided with increased support in finding work, while the other 50 will receive training through a flipped classroom (simultaneous training online and at a training centre) to progress at their own pace. also responds to concrete economic issues with the aim of bringing France and its stakeholders into the digital era by offering, for example, adapted formats to close the digital divide within a large proportion of the population, from 7 to 77 years old, and using digital technology to assist with inclusive projects in the areas of diversity and social innovation. offers free, intensive training to help people learn to create websites and make a living from doing so.

For Frédéric Bardeau, the "Grande Ecole du numérique" label reflects true recognition of the importance of the trainees and the digital sector on the part of the government. Participants can benefit from financial assistance, recognised courses and a wide network of schools, but also from the support of the regional authorities and employment centres. The inclusion of private companies to assist in steering the programme will add an extra element of dynamism such as offers of work placements, employment and wider employment opportunities on a global scale.

According to Frédéric Bardeau, the addition of Societe Generale as a partner will increase the strength and team spirit inspired by the Grande Ecole du Numérique programme. By covering the whole country, trainees all over France will be able to benefit from the programme, further strengthening the label. 

Contact(s) :  Iris Bazin

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