On Thursday 22 September, our partner Pro Bono Lab delivered the results of their major "Panorama of Pro Bono" study at Schoolab. For this study, 1501 French respondents, 331 students, 57 companies and 2014 charitable organisations answered questions about pro bono work.

In collaboration with Domplus, and in partnership with Passerelles & Compétences, Agence Limite, Fonda, the Paris Solidarité Bar and RAMEAU, Pro Bono Lab published the results of a year-long study.

But what is pro bono work?

"Gifting skills to support projects in the public interest or individuals in need". Within a company, workers volunteer their skills for a day to support a charitable organisation, working on a pre-determined issue. In 2016, three quarters of French people felt a need for skills they did not possess themselves. The issue of access to skills is thus at the heart of social challenges in the world of work, and is directly linked to social mobility. The Pro Bono Lab has sought to better understand the development and potential of pro bono work, i.e. gifting skills, in France in 2016.

What have we learned from the study?

Overall, pro bono work emerges as a real driver for engagement. In France, 3 out of every 10 people have already made their skills available to charitable organisations or people in need. Undertaking pro bono work means transforming a skill into a public good, which is empowering for all citizens. According to the American researcher Virginia Henderson, a person's capacity to learn from others and to pass on knowledge are part of fourteen fundamental human needs. To survive, humans must be able to evolve, learn and interact. This is why pro bono work is so important, and why companies encourage their employees to get involved. The budget devoted to skills sharing in companies is set to increase over the coming years.

Since 2012, over 2,500 Pro Bono hours have been donated by Societe Generale employees.

Discover the entire study. Click here !

If you are a Societe Generale employee and you want to get involved in Pro Bono projects, find out what's going on all year round by clicking on the "Get Committed" tab

Contact(s) :  Iris Bazin
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