On 19th, June, Societe Generale Global Solution Center (SG GSC) employees spent an entire morning cleaning the Marina beach in Chennai.

Marina beach in Chennai has become a representation of reckless pollution. Once known as Paradise of Chennai, today its garbage footprint is at dangerous levels that poses a threat to both marine life and human beings as well. In the backdrop of this, the 7th year edition of Chennai Costal Cleanup was organised by Chennai Trekking Club.

Armed with gloves, bags and other protective gear, the SG GSC team met up near the Lighthouse which was marked as zone 2, at 6:00 AM.  Three teams of 10 each then divided up a stretch of beach and got busy segregating – glass, plastic and others forms of waste.

Result: 30 SG GSC employees spent the morning hours to segregate and collect – glass, plastic and others forms of waste.

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