Solidarity takes centre stage around the world. Find out all about the multitude of initiatives that employees got involved in throughout the week.
Focus on Citizen Commitment Week
Citizen Commitment Week, which ran from 16 - 24 June, is a high point in terms of solidarity at Societe Generale. Team spirit was an integral part of our employees' commitment this year. Citizen Commitment Week gave employees a chance to get involved in humanitarian projects around the world. No fewer than thirty countries took part in this year's event. Some used the opportunity to meet with associations and support their causes, while others, focused on one particular cause – in the case of Morocco, making culture accessible to under-privileged children. Generally speaking, however, the emphasis was on professional integration and integration through education. After all, the European Union has made 2011 the year of recognition, value and promotion of volunteering. Solidarity action must be appreciated so that it can become a sustainable approach and encourage similar initiatives. This was well illustrated by the flash mob which danced along to the tune of “Don't stop me now” by Queen at La Défense. We would like to thank the entities for the projects they undertook and the employees who took part in them.

Citizen Commitment Week around the world
The week was marked by the notion of  'integration'. One of its many priorities was helping children through education. Actions in Ivory Coast, Spain and Brazil mainly targeted disabled children in a variety of ways, such as collecting equipment and holding races. Slovenia, Senegal and Guinea, as well as Mayotte, Poland, Algeria, Chad, the United Kingdom and Cyprus all supported associations to help poor children and orphans through action such as giving blood, seminars and selling equipment. In Russia, Morocco, Vietnam, China and Montenegro, the focus was on actions in favour of under-privileged children. Professional integration was another cause targeted during the week. Among the more noteworthy actions were the Paris to London bike ride, which raised money for CARE, and the talent forum in Benin which allowed young people to find information on the job market and careers. Action was also taken in favour of professional integration in Reunion with the charity Emmaus, as well as in Canada, Germany, Romania and many other countries.

Several countries stood out for their unique and far-reaching action
First, in Luxembourg, donations were gathered to help refugees and survivors of the tsunami in Japan and help with rebuilding. On a lighter note, in the United Kingdom, a dress-down week was held to raise funds for the fight against cancer. In a similar vein in Brazil, citizen challenges were set up based on a points system in favour of professional integration. Finally, in France, some original initiatives were taken such as one organised by CGI which offered disabled children an afternoon of fun with luxury cars. Citizen Commitment Week is the high point for Societe Generale which makes commitments throughout the year, as illustrated by the fifteen fine partner associations selected at the Citizen Commitment Awards to demonstrate the commitment taken by employees around the world. A multitude of projects have come to fruition thanks to the involvement of employees, proving once again that nothing is better than team spirit!


Extracted from SogéNEWS

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