The love of rugby in support of social integration

Bound by common values including Commitment and Team Spirit, BFV-SOCIETE GENERALE Madagascar, like the Societe Generale group to which is belongs, is not just a bank, an economic player committed to supporting Madagascar's economic development. It is also an institution that strives to support sustainable development and human capital.

Great values and a team effort to serve society, demonstrating the full depth of its commitment to education, sport and culture.

This deeply ingrained spirit of responsibility led BFV-SG to join forces with Pachamama-RCTS. Inspired by its commitment and the values it shares with rugby, the bank is back in the thick of the game of solidarity, supporting Pachamama-RCTS as it has since 2013.


Rubgy, a school for life

Tanora Soavimasoandro-RCTS rugby club was founded in 2007 with the support of Jeff Tordo, former captain of the French national team and founder of the Pachamama association.

The RCTS club's rugby school is a part of PACHAMAMA's "Rugby Terre Malgache" program. It mainly targets local young people, with the goal of teaching them the essential rules of life that they need to grow through the values of rugby, which include: respect for others and the rules of the game, initiative, functioning as a group, pushing your limits, and including everyone. With "Rugby, école de la vie" (Rubgy, a school for life), the association teaches children these values during rugby classes, which are held on Wednesday afternoons, when they are followed by a snack, and on Saturday mornings, when they are followed by a full lunch, the only one of the week. These values are fully in line with BFV-SG's expectations and objectives.

While the public is mainly familiar with the group's historic support for rugby, BFV-SG saw the "Rugby, école de la vie" program as an exciting opportunity to develop its overall image as a responsible institution that is actively involved in solidarity, by supporting the program's young beneficiaries.

Several of the program's initiatives are supported by BFV-SG:

  • The go-live of its website,;
  • Building 3 homes for impoverished families;
  • Developing infrastructure;
  • Wiring the centre for electricity;
  • Building stands;
  • Creating a family planning centre to help the young girls involved in the association as they grow;
  • Developing infrastructure, including building a kitchen and covering the stands;
  • Finalising the land ownership papers.


300 children and teens are currently served by association, with the support of BFV-SG.

BFV-SG is proud to support the association; its objective is to go beyond feelings, histories and differences to share common values, principles, and standards. For the bank, rugby is far more than just a sport. Thanks to this strong relationship, it provides a way to build a better future for the young people of Madagascar.

These commitments are the clear and tangible expression of BFV-SOCIETE GENERALE's aim to take on a role in the community that extends beyond banking.

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