Offering everyone access to culture through classes and artistic encounters is also a way of helping people find themselves. That's what Uni’sons strives to do for young residents of underprivileged neighbourhoods in Montpellier, by using music to bring them together to assess their skills and work together to create a career plan.

In 2015, the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity supported Uni'Sons' Music Social Club project, an innovative programme which helps young people and minimum income recipients in underprivileged areas of Montpellier with their job searches.

The programme's beneficiaries have the opportunity to create a music-focused career plan and develop technical, legal and administrative skills. Music offers a way of getting people involved and motivated to regain their self-confidence and develop the skills they need to function in society and in the workplace.

Since the start of 2015, the programme has helped over 50 participants who are now working to build their future. 19 have already found work. The organisation's next goal is to develop classes targeting both a broader public and people in serious difficulties. This type of diversity is key to breaking down barriers and creating networks and exchanges. 

To know more about this organization : UNI'SONS

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