The last meeting of the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation Board of Directors for 2015 was held on 13 November 2015. 

This last meeting supported 18 projects promoting integration or education through sport and culture as well as the work integration for people in difficulty.


Focus on three projects supported:


"Integration through art" - Fondation Espérance banlieues


The Espérance banlieues (Urban hope) Foundation is developing an innovative school model specialised in preventing pupils from dropping out of school and in the social and cultural integration of young people. It is based on individual monitoring of pupils made possible by small class numbers (15 pupils per class), good teacher availability and concrete involvement of parents in the teaching project. Outside school time Espérance banlieues schools offer their pupils cultural arts and sports activities.

The integration through art project consists of designing an art and cultural discovery course for three groups of lower secondary school pupils from year 7 to year 10, based on the observation of 22 famous, classical and contemporary works of art selected for their educational benefit.

More information here 


"Coup de foudre" - Le Palais Royal

Le Palais Royal is a renowned professional orchestra which holds concerts in France and abroad recognised for their originality and festive spirit. The orchestra has taken on the task of bringing classical music to as many as possible, and to take this music where it never goes. To do so, the musicians of the Palais Royal develop and run various initiatives aimed at spreading and raising awareness of art.

The "coup de foudre" (love at first sight) project aims to promote access to higher education for young people irrespective of their social and cultural background, by giving them the keys to access study paths of excellence. This project is part of the "Cordées de la réussite" (ropes to success) scheme launched in 2008 under the Espoir Banlieues (urban hope) plan and takes the shape of workshops designed to raise awareness and prepare for meetings with the musicians, followed by a  Palais Royal "coup de foudre" concert. The young people are then invited, along with their families, to all the Palais Royal's public concerts.  Around 3,500 young people from underprivileged areas have thus been able to attend at least one "coup de foudre" concert.

More information here 


"Imaginons maintenant" - Orange Rouge


Orange Rouge organises art and cultural workshops in secondary schools around Paris, enabling teenagers with disabilities and/or experiencing major social and educational difficulties to meet contemporary artists, through a collective work of art created by the teenagers. Since 2006, 1,400 teenagers have taken part in an Orange Rouge workshop, held by 80 contemporary artists. In total 74 collective works of art have been created and shown at 6 exhibitions.

The "Imaginons maintenant" (let's imagine now) project is 11 Orange Rouge art workshops, for the 2015-2016 school year, which have been held in social priority neighbourhoods in the Paris region targeting 250 teenagers aged 11 to 16 years at school in ULIS (Local Unit for Educational Inclusion) and SEGPA (adapted general and professional teaching section) classes. The purpose of these workshops is to provide young people with the skills they need to learn to read, write, count, articulate or otherwise interact, via a whole range of artistic practices.

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cecile Boblin

the 03 December 2015 at 14:31

Encore de l'innovation !
Des projets artistiques et culturels pour capter les attentions par le plaisir et orienter doucement ces jeunes sur le chemin du mieux être et du bien apprendre.
Trop belle l'idée ! et sans doute diablement efficace !
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