The non profit organisation Rebonds was set up in 2004 in Toulouse by two former professional rugby players who had observed how difficult it was for young people from underprivileged backgrounds with an interest in rugby to join a club. Today, the organisation is doing everything it can to democratise access to rugby by setting up clubs. It also runs projects that use rugby as a tool for education, social integration and career opportunities for young people in difficulty. Rebonds introduces 2500 young people to the world of rugby every year.

This year, the Societe Generale Foundation has chosen to support the Project Insertion Rugby. It is an initiative which turns the sport into an effective learning tool to create opportunities for young people. The educational value of the project is rooted in an engagement with the ideas of fair-play and cooperation which constitute the foundations of rugby. This engagement is what promotes social integration.

The success of the Project Insertion Rugby relies on the partnership of local social care providers and long-term support for the young people taking part. This support gives them the space and the confidence to plan life projects and find career opportunities which are suitable for them.

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