Employees of Rosbank, BSGV, Rusfinance Bank, DeltaCredit and SG Insurance took part in 2011 Citizen Commitment Week. Employees of Moscow offices were proposed to participate in the following actions: Naive Art Fair, Give a lesson!, Forest Keepers.

Naive Art Fair

An Art Fair of souvenirs was held in 11 offices around Moscow of SG Russia entities. About 4800 employees were given the possibility to visit the premises and purchase souvenirs, while more than 190 thousand rubles (4 740 Euros) were raised.

It is rather difficult for disabled people to find a place where they could study and learn a profession. In 2006 in Moscow the first "Centre for social integration and professional training" was opened, where young people with serious intellectual disabilities are able to study pottery, carpentry, tailoring, etc. The reality is that their health and current employment opportunities will not let them find job. For most of them, such centres are the only places where they can become more socially involved and sometimes make a little money to support a living.

The souvenirs were made by people with serious intellectual disabilities, all members of the “social integration and professional training centre”. Handmade ceramic objects, funny greeting cards, felt accessories and Baltic silk scarves were the top sellers. Prices varied from 20 to 3000 rubles per piece (5 to 75 Euros). Half of the proceeds from the sale will be given to the students as compensation, the other half will be spent on the materials necessary for the production of these objects.

Give a lesson!

Large posters with the caption “Give a lesson!” have been posted up in offices around Moscow with the help of “Big Change”, a study centre. The timetables of three orphans who are members of the centre and therefore benefit from these lessons were displayed. Every employee could pay for one or more of their lessons. About 76 thousand rubles were donated (1895 Euros), meaning that 152 lessons have been paid.

Every year in Moscow, more than 500 children leave their orphanages. However none of them are prepared to think for themselves, make an adequate choice, or to integrate themselves easily into society. Many of them are not interested in studying and therefore do not gain sufficient knowledge and skills to go to university. "Big Change" is a charity which helps them to catch up on their education and prepare to take end-of-school exams. Like most charities, "Big change" faces budget shortages in teachers' compensation.

A fundraising game was organized in order to collect money. People could donate cash using donation boxes and place a card giving the name of the subject which has been financed in the timetables to show that the lesson has been paid. Each lesson costs 500 rubles (12,5 Euros).

Forest Keepers

Within this framework, employees donated about 16 450 rubles (410 Euros) towards the World Wide Fund (WWF). Many employees participated in this project not only by contributing money. For example, our colleagues from the Rosbank Yuzhno Sakhalinsk branch planted trees in the street.

The year 2011 was declared the “International year of forests” by the United Nations. Considering the forest fires which Russia experienced last year, this is a very important issue for Russia. Forest impoverishment and destruction as well as the lack of protection have destroyed the natural habitats of endangered species. Day by day, human mankind destroys the lungs of our planet, despite the fact that they maintain the climate balance of the Earth. Nowadays, any necessary measure to protect our forests demands a large amount of financial expenses.

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