Proxirugby is a project that uses rugby as an educational tool for people in social and/or professional difficulty. The project focusses on three areas:

-     Education through sport with a programme for 2,000 to 2,500 children and teenagers: DDB (Drop de Béton) relies on a network of partners to establish local initiatives throughout the year (rugby and wheelchair rugby training programmes and trips, beach rugby tournaments);

-     Training and supporting young people: DDB takes in a dozen trainees every year (especially young people with community service orders or school dropouts) as part of a career guidance initiative and helps them prepare for the BAFA exam;

-     Professional orientation and access to work via "Rugby-Insertion" and "Action-Reaction" programmes that consist in several sporting events and debates between a hundred young adults (from Second Chance schools and EPIDE institutes among others) and elected officials to talk about the professional integration of young people.

DDB's objective is to pass on the core values of rugby: respect, solidarity, sharing, following rules, and team spirit.

On 15 October, The Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity officially presented a cheque for €30,000 to carry out the project.

Contact(s) :  Iris Bazin

To know more about this organization : Drop de Béton

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