On 11 September, 10 young people at risk of delinquency received certification to become food service workers. This certification is the fruit of 11 months of intense training provided by the Îlot association to young people just out of prison or on reduced sentences. 

Out of the 12 individuals recruited last September at the Îlot's Integration-Qualification Workshop following their release from prison, 10 completed the training, prepared for and then took the vocational exam to become food service workers, on 16 July. They all passed. 

The Integration-Qualification Workshop, supported by the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation, is a unique and innovative plan that gives released prisoners the opportunity to follow a qualifying training course paired with socio-educational support. It is divided into three blocks: at the Îlot (catch-up lessons, work on behaviour, socio-educational support, definition of an integration project), at the vocational training centre (learning the job) and in companies (real-life professional situations).

The graduation ceremony provided an opportunity to congratulate these young people and to wish them well in their return to employment. This success is an important step for them: they have the opportunity for a fresh start thanks to their efforts, perseverance and desire to make good. 

Some have already found work, while the others are actively searching. They will all continue to receive support from the Îlot team for a few months, the time needed to find a real place in society once more. 

 What's more, the Académie Christophe Tiozzo association, a partner of the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation, which uses boxing to help young people who have lost their way provided 13 young ex-prisoners and youths on reduced sentences supported by the Îlot with an initiation to English boxing at the Archipel (Paris - 17th arrondissement).

(The Îlot is an association that houses, supports and trains ex-prisoners, offenders or other people in distress. Every year, it helps 1,200 people to rejoin society. www.soutien.ilot.asso.fr)

To know more about this organization : Maisons d'accueil l'Îlot

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