In France, more than 5 million people live in underprivileged areas. The unemployment rate for young people is particularly high in these areas, and it was in light of this that, in 1989, Philippe Oddou decided to invest in the Rhône-Alpes region to help these young people find work. He therefore created Sport dans la Ville, an organisation built around team sports and professional integration.

Today, Sport dans la Ville is the main charity for inclusion through sport in France and its primary mission is to ensure the social and professional insertion of young people from underprivileged areas. It is based on a simple idea; the organisation hopes to help each young person become more self-confident and acquire values essential for their future success.

To have an immediate impact on young adults, Sport dans la Ville goes out to meet them, by installing and offering sporting activities in the heart of their neighbourhood. "Reaching out to them" is the first main step in establishing contact and proximity and subsequently building a real relationship of trust with each of them.

The association's advantage lies in the accompaniment the young person receives throughout their life, with programmes adapted to each age group. Young people ages 7 to 25 registered with Sport dans la Ville have access to team sports activities (football, basketball) and at the same time benefit from various programmes including reading, writing and communication workshops and two professional integration programs: Job dans la Ville and L dans la Ville, and a business creation program, Entrepreneurs dans la Ville. The organisation owes its success to the continuity of these actions and commitments over time.

History of the partnership

The Societe Generale Corporate Foundation has supported Sport dans la Ville since 2007, investing €100,000/year in its two professional integration programs, L dans la Ville and Job dans la Ville.

The L dans la Ville programme helps girls ages 12 and up and registered in the Sport dans la Ville sports centres - end of the sentence missing -. It aims to support the development, empowerment and professional integration of young girls through sport. The program's objective is to offer relevant content combining sports, cultural visits, "discovery" workshops and visits to companies. This program was created in 2010 and its patron is Marie Drucker. The Societe Generale Foundation supported this project from 2011 to 2013 and in doing so helped 580 young girls to benefit from the Sport dans la Ville program.

The Job dans la Ville program aims to help young people ages 15 and up build job qualifications and find employment. Throughout the year, the program offers young people individual and collective activities. Job and vocational counsellors accompany each young adult individually. Young people also benefit from visits to companies and training centres, as well as workshops to prepare them for the working world. The finishing touch to this programme is the possibility of being sponsored by company employees.

Each Job dans la Ville year-group has their own official sponsor, in 2014 Frédéric Oudéa took on the role for 650 young people.

This year, the special relationship with the organisation has evolved: Sport dans la Ville has become one of the major partners of the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity. A partnership that has taken on a new dimension, so we can achieve new youth integration projects together.

Last action with Sport dans la Ville during the Citizen Commitment Time

April 21st, 9 young French of Sport dans la Ville, a partner association of the Société Générale Foundation whose honorary mentor of this year’s Frédéric Oudéa came to visit the headquarters of London.

Association of insertion through sport, the visit realized allowed the 9 promising youngsters to practice, through a practical exercise, negotiation and teamwork . This visit allowed them to discover the world of the bank but also of CSR.

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To know more about this organization : Sport dans la Ville

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