ADALEA is a charity which fights exclusion. It is active in four areas: jobs and training, into-work workshops, occupational support and monitoring, and housing and accommodation.



In Brittany, mobility is a key factor in getting into work, and the most disadvantaged people supported by ADALEA have no driving license. The community driving school is a step in the into-work programme for these beneficiaries. ADALEA offers them appropriate lessons at affordable prices.



Most beneficiaries are people who leave school too early and for whom the driving license is often the first qualification they earn. Learning the highway code is a springboard to training in basic skills, citizenship education and risk prevention, all of which is easily transferred to everyday situations. 



The main entry criteria are demonstrable learning difficulties, financial difficulties, and personal motivation to achieve a career outcome.

The charity's experience in key skills programmes and many into-work schemes means it can offer educational options tailored to each learner.

Contact(s) :  Iris Bazin

To know more about this organization : ADALEA

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