The recruitment drive of the volunteers for the program Financial Education is currently ongoing and 110 collaborators of  Societe Generale already made a commitment for year 2014-2015.


 “The very essence of our job as bankers lies in our commitment to our customers. This commitment consists of supporting them over time and protecting them, including keeping them out of difficulties”, explains Didier Hauguel, Co-Director International Banking and Financial Services.

The programme targets young people aged 16 to 25, studying in vocational schools and apprentice training centres (CFA) in France. The aim is to provide them with the basic knowledge they need to understand the main notions and transactions used in the banking world: knowledge of different means of payment, how to prepare a budget, managing income and expenditure, savings, loans, risk…via a two hour training session.



In 2013, the Financial Education Programme was a great success with 100 volunteer employees and 1,500 young trainees. The programme is available again this year, but with a new goal; the objective is for 200 volunteers from Societe Generale to train 3,000 young people. Hervé Bardin, who is running the project for the Group, explains, "To achieve this goal, we will be extending the training period until April 2015".

This is a fine example of the corporate sponsorship of skills based on the experience of company employees and their desire to transmit the basics of good budget management to young people. The volunteers will each be running one or two sessions, during working hours, over the course of the year.


To know more about this organization : CRESUS

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