Every week, we highlight a Societe Generale for Solidarity partner charity.


Mozaïk RH is an association that operates like a recruitment and HR consultancy, working to promote professional integration for young graduates from underprivileged backgrounds.

To re-establish equality of opportunity, the association works to help businesses change their perception of these young people, making them aware of these candidates' high potential and promoting their professional integration, while also supporting the candidates with workshops and coaching so that they can be at their best in recruitment interviews.

The Societe Generale Foundation supports Mozaïk RH’s Passer’Elles and Declik-emploi programmes.




Passer'Elles is a professional integration programme aimed at young women graduates who reflect diversity (from a working-class area or migrants) and who are seeking employment, an end-of-study internship or a work-study contract. Mozaïk RH offers communal workshops and individual support to encourage familiarity with professional codes and the job market, to develop self-confidence and to optimise their job-seeking.




Declik-Emploi is a personal support programme for employment which aims to give young graduates from working-class backgrounds the tools and information they need to reduce the time they spend job-seeking.




With the objective of extending their professional network, Mozaïk RH is setting up a “mentoring” programme with Societe Generale, where each candidate is assigned a mentor who can provide advice and an introduction to the professional world. Mozaïk RH currently has around thirty mentors from Societe Generale.

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