On the 5th anniversary of the association Enabling Enterprise, we highlight an organisation which makes sure that all students leaving school have some professional experience, and the skills to enable them to gain employment and embark on a successful career.



Enabling Enterprise (EE) was founded in 2009 by a group of students from London who wanted to help better prepare students for the real world.



This programme is based on partnerships with schools and companies in order to help students develop their employability and their work skills. The techniques taught to the young people include teamwork, communication, presentation and creativity, which encourage the students to aim high for their future success.



Societe Generale has supported the association since 2010 and the company foundation since 2011, in order to develop the Enabling Enterprise employability programme.

Within this programme, the students take part in weekly sessions which demonstrate the key skills that they will need to get a job and through which they could create their own small business. Furthermore, the groups of students in each school benefit from at least two opportunities to visit leading companies like Societe Generale, and many others.

To support the students participating in this project, Enabling Enterprise provides them with initial training, helps them to adapt the programme to their school and visits them regularly to support them and to ensure that the employability programme is a success.

To know more about this organization : Enabling Enterprise

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