Every week, we highlight a Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity partner charity.


In 2003, it created the ARELI Emergence programme to help disadvantaged young people, most of them immigrants, find work. The programme provides support, encourages diversity and equal opportunity, and helps disadvantaged young people achieve management positions.



50 young honours students who receive need-based financial aid are supported every year. In addition to financial assistance, ARELI provides personalised support including tutoring and mentoring by employees of major groups like Societe Generale. The mentoring programme gives the beneficiaries access to professional advice and a chance to discover the corporate world. 

In addition to their studies, the beneficiaries are required to volunteer in order to develop their civic sense.



In 2014, the Societe Generale Foundation supported the project for the 2nd time, so it could be extended to a new group of young people.

481 students divided into 11 classes have received support from ARELI Emergence since the programme was launched, with an employment rate of 92% as of June 2014 for the 210 beneficiaries who had already graduated.



To find out more, go to www.areli-asso.com

To know more about this organization : Areli

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