The French National Literacy Agency (ANLCI) and Agir ensemble contre l’illettrisme (Let's Fight Illiteracy Collective) are organising the first literacy initiative in honour of Unesco’s annual International Literacy Day 8 September.


The inaugural event will be marked by meetings, conferences, workshops and discussions held across France.

Over 2,500,000 people in France between the ages of 16 and 65 are illiterate, despite attending school. They lack the basic skills in reading, writing and maths that they need to handle everyday situations by themselves.


Literacy: the French National Cause of 2013

In 2013, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault officially labelled, Agir ensemble contre l’illettrisme federated by ANLCI, the annual National Cause. The seven commitments listed in the application submitted to the Prime Minister were met during the year of action:

-       Inform the public of the results from the new Information & Daily Life (IVQ) literacy survey.

-       Organise a national round table on the fight to end illiteracy as an issue affecting social inclusion and competitiveness.

-       Organise an information campaign for TV, radio, the Internet and the press to raise public awareness about illiteracy.

-       Broaden the outreach effort by involving members of the National Cause collective.

-       Help set up official National Cause 2013 events (107 events).

-       Organise national and European talks on illiteracy at the end of 2013 (nearly 900 participants in Lyon on 13-15 November).


The Societe Generale Foundation sees literacy as a major concern

Increasing inclusion in the working world by fighting against illiteracy has been a top priority for the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity since it began in 2006. Today, the Foundation is a member of Agir ensemble contre l’illettrisme, once again confirming its commitment to preventing and ending illiteracy.


For more information:

For a list of literacy associations the Foundation supports, please visit their partner associations pages.

To know more about this organization : ADIE Polynésie

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