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Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y), founded by Laure and Jean-Marc Delaporte in December 2009 in the Philippines, aims to help disadvantaged young people aged 15 to 24 to escape situations of poverty and vulnerability.


The two co-founders spent a year travelling the world meeting young people. They noted improved levels of school attendance, but were concerned that these young people could find little or no work after finishing their training. Their aim was therefore to help these young people set up micro-businesses.


The LP4Y team trains and advises young people through their “Professional Training for Entrepreneurs” programme. The team provides support throughout incubation of the businesses, for periods of one to three years, making sure they become independent and drivers of development in their turn.


The LP4Y teams receive programme beneficiaries at their Life Project Centres (LPC) close to shantytowns, identifying their immediate needs and helping them develop their own “life project". Short term support of 6 to 8 months is available through the LPCs for simple “Micro-Economic Initiatives”, or beneficiaries are directed to the business accelerators for more complex programmes.


LP4Y has developed 5 centres in the Philippines since 2009. Four opened in 2013 in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City and in Jakarta in Indonesia, with two others under development. The Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity decided to support LP4Y in creating one of these new centres in Hanoi, Vietnam, focusing particularly on young mothers.  




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