Every week, we take a close look at one of the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity partner associations.


Set up in Montpellier in 2004, the Lâche les Mots charity helps people to develop basic reading and writing skills, particularly in Cité Gély, one of Montpellier’s underprivileged neighbourhoods. Its activities include workshops run by writers. The charity aims to prepare people suffering from social exclusion to train for diplomas such as BAFA, a diploma for youth leaders and workers, or to take part in competitions in the domestic help sector.   


The sessions it runs are intended, in particular, for early school leavers or youths that have dropped out of school and for people who face integration difficulties, such as the gipsy community.


The Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity has chosen to support the charity’s “Vers une nouvelle vie” (new start) project in 2014. Lâche les Mots is working with 10 gypsy women, who have dropped out of school or who have literacy problems, and is providing them with training. They are given access to workshops that focus on writing (CVs and cover letters) and reading and to sessions to help them develop their IT skills, as a way to help their job search. The charity has also set up improvisation and speaking sessions to prepare them for job interviews.  


Once they have completed this training and are looking for jobs, the women are redirected towards vocational training courses or companies offering roles that are suited to each of them.


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