The most recent meeting of the Selection Committee of the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity was held on 7 July 2014 Feedback on the two projects selected.


Life Project For Youth (LP4Y)


Project: Developing a Life Project Centre in Hanoi


Since 2009 LP4Y has been developing a network of so-called Life Project Centers (LCP) in Asia and particularly in the Philippines and Indonesia.


It is continuing this development in Vietnam, and specifically in Hanoi. It is in this context that the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity has decided to support the project.


LP4Y's mission is to help young people aged 17 to 24 who are vulnerable, underprivileged or excluded to enter the workplace and integrate into society. Beneficiaries of the programme undertake to participate in Professional Training for Entrepreneurs (PTE) at one of the centres. These serve as business incubators and are located near shanty towns, as close as possible to young people who can then catch up on schooling they have missed and improve their English and IT skills. 


More specifically, the center in Vietnam helps young women to gain self-confidence and escape from poverty and exclusion.


A programme runs over a period of 9 to 12 months and is based on three main concepts, Work, Learn and Guide. It is a question of helping them to develop an economic activity via reflection on a vocational project and a few months' internship in a company.


Bois & Cie


Project: Developing an industry using industrial and building scraps and waste


Established in 2005, the purpose of the Bois & Cie organisation is to share and transmit woodworking knowledge and know-how with the intention of promoting eco-building and re-employment. 


The organisation provides two activities: a job integration workshop and a communal woodworking workshop.  People on inclusion programmes who are attending the job integration workshop collect, recover and reuse scraps of industrial wood which are then transformed into composting bins, garden features or dry toilets.


The community workshop brings members of the organisation together in collective projects to practice carpentry.


As part of developing an industry reusing industrial scraps and waste, the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity wanted to support a project creating dwellings (which can be dismantled) from wood waste. The people on the Bois & Cie inclusion programmes are being taught to create and build this type of housing. The initiative is a response to the region's accommodation problem, and also addresses the issue of wood waste recovery.


The project will create jobs for a new team of six, and all people on inclusion programmes will be taught to create dwellings that can be disassembled using new collection and restoration techniques.


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