As part of the Citizen Commitment Games––a sports and charity challenge held to celebrate Societe Generale’s 150th anniversary––employees raise money for an association and take part in a sports competition.


Every week, discover an association supported by employees taking part in the Citizen Commitment Games.


Created in 2004 by two students from Harvard University, Alexa DuPont and John Moore, the aim of the association Cents-Ability is to teach the basics of finance to high school students New York City and the surrounding area.


It offers a course of 8 forty five minute modules. The idea is to create a short and effective programme to keep young people from dropping out. They learn how to put together SMART objectives, set up a budget and also cover financial market issues.


Since 2009, Societe Generale has been the main sponsor of Cents-Ability. The Group in New York has provided premises and equipment for the members of the association and has contributed the time and expertise of employees to help these young people. The Societe Generale subsidiary in the United States has also provided the funding for a full time Manager in charge of daily operations.

As the school is close to the Societe Generale - New York head office, employees can donate time during their lunch hour or before the business day begins. About a dozen employees have contributed to running the courses.


And their efforts go beyond just the school: Group employees also offer workshops in the premises closest to where they live.


To find out more about the association, visit their site.


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