The most recent Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity Selection Committee meeting took place on Wednesday, 21 May. An overview of the two projects selected.


Moda Fusion


Project: Casa Geração Vidigal, training centre and design laboratory


Moda Fusion is a Brazilian charity founded in 2006. Based in Rio de Janeiro, it is focusing on two projects in 2014: Salgueiro, a socioeconomic inclusion project that teaches job skills to female workers in the northern region of Rio and Casa Geração Vidigal, a training centre and design laboratory.


The association appealed to the Societe Generale Foundation for support for Casa Geração Vidigal. 20 young people are currently attending free certification programs taught by fashion designers and clothing stylists. They will earn a diploma when they graduate. The project is developing the creative fashion design skills of young people in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Their designs are being produced in partnership with young designers from European fashion schools like IFM, ESMOD and Central Martins School.


The clothing they make is then put in Geração Vidigal collections and sold to people living in the area. They are marketed at low prices to meet a demand for local and affordable fashion.


Drôme Ardèche School of Second Chances


Project funded: "De l’écrit à l’écran" (From pen to screen)


The Ecole de la 2ème chance (School of Second Chances) is a training centre dedicated to eradicating illiteracy by using innovative methods to teach 18 to 25-year-olds age-appropriate literacy skills.


The association is using cultural actions like teaching materials that provide basic skills for youths who did not graduate or have dropped out of the school system. The association put together the "De l’écrit à l’écran" project for the Festival International des Scénaristes (International Screenwriters Festival).


Fifteen youths are improving their writing and verbal skills by providing a screenplay for a short film and acting out the characters. Alongside this initial part of the project, they are setting up an online reporting site where they can continue improving their writing and develop more advanced editorial skills. After writing the screenplay, the youths then learned how to shoot and edit the short film, which gave them experience in the audiovisual world and an opportunity to continue learning by putting together a press release about the film.


In addition, the association is helping the students find internships in an industry of their choosing.


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