As part of the Citizen Commitment Games––a sports and charity challenge held to celebrate Societe Generale’s 150th anniversary––employees raise money for an association and take part in a sports competition.


Every week, discover an association supported by employees taking part in the Citizen Commitment Games.


Founded in 1994, the Brazilian association Casa do Zezinho aims to support and train children and young people from the disadvantaged areas of São Paulo’s southern suburbs.


The Societe Generale Institute in Brazil became a partner in 2008 and has been supporting the association with another project entirely: “Communication Nucleus”. This initiative aims to develop communication skills with beneficiaries of the programme learning to access the job market, improve their self-esteem and build awareness of their own potential. The initiative reached 360 young people ages 16-21.


In 2010, the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity decided to support another of the Casa’s initiatives: project Firefly or Vaga-Lume.


This programme aims to provide evening classes for 120 young people, focusing on various fields of activity, like cookery or the digital world. It also gives young people aged from 17 to 32 an opportunity to prepare for entrance exams to major universities.


The programme’s beneficiaries have been particularly attracted to the cookery lessons, with many of them taking part in courses during which several renowned chefs shared their expertise.


Following this training some thirty students found work, while half of those preparing entrance exams gained admission to their university or technical school. Employees of the Group decided to collect for the Firefly project as part of the Citizen Commitment Games.


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