As part of the Citizen Commitment Games––a sports and charity challenge held to celebrate Societe Generale’s 150th anniversary––employees raise money for an association and take part in a sports competition.


Every week, discover an association supported by employees taking part in the Citizen Commitment Games.


The Fondation EcoFormation (eco-training foundation) is an organisation constituted under Swiss law and officially recognised as being of social value. Since its creation it has been helping to set up to sustainable forestry projects in developing countries, working closely with the local population. The bodies it has created in the various countries where the association exists help to address environmental, social and economic challenges.


The association is active in a number of areas, including vocational training for young people and unskilled, jobless women, reforestation, the re-establishing of biodiversity and the reintroduction of fauna and flora that has been lost.


In 2011, the Societe Generale Foundation supported one of the projects being undertaken in Madagascar, which is devoted to the creation of training programmes in Bekoratsaka, a town in the north of the island located in an underprivileged region. This support contributed towards finishing the construction of a training centre in which no less than 35 young people have been trained in nursery and agroforestry skills to make them more readily employable. The programmes have helped to raise their awareness of the consequences of massive deforestation and trained them to be able to take part in reforestation to help preserve the ecosystem.


In the same year, the association won the SG Success Awards* for its environmental work. The integration of training programmes, raising the awareness of young people and their commitment to these types of activity were the decisive factors behind the award.


Today, our colleagues in Madagascar are supporting the association as their contribution to the Citizen Commitment Games, the grand charitable and sporting challenge, by raising funds for the training centre.



Find out more about the Fondation EcoFormation in Madagascar.


*It is a competition from one of Societe Generale entities. The event aims in particular at recognizing the successful achievements allowing the entity to develop and grow, and at sharing best practices across the teams, in line with our strategy and priorities.

To know more about this organization : EcoFormation

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