As part of the Citizen Commitment Games––a sports and charity challenge held to celebrate Societe Generale’s 150th anniversary––employees raise money for an association and take part in a sports competition.


Every week, discover an association supported by employees taking part in the Citizen Commitment Games.


Founded in 1998 by Raí Souza and Leonardo Araújo, two former professional footballers from Brazil who also played for Paris St Germain, the foundation aims to help Brazilian children and adolescents in need by providing educational, cultural and sporting assistance.


Recognised by UNESCO in 2001 as an international model, the foundation also received the label of the permanent delegation of Brazil in 2006, due to the foundation’s refusal to accept assistance.


Since 1999, the foundation has been working on several basic programs in two centres, backed by a professional team with unique educational methods. In addition to sports, Gol de Letra offers cultural and educational support for children aged 7 – 14. The foundation also runs the Open Game Programme, which encourages social action, and the management and coordination of community life through cultural and sports activities.


In 2010, the Gol de Letra foundation and the Societe Generale Institute teamed up to form the ‘Goal of Work’ project for the benefit of 120 young people. The project runs educational activities to help young people acquire personal and professional skills through three types of training.


The first is a technical program addressing the notions of company management and bookkeeping. The foundation also provides general training in Portuguese, maths and IT skills. The third type of training provided by the Goal of Work is a course targeting issues such as teamwork and personal development. The program hopes to see 50% of the beneficiaries find traineeships or enter jobs.


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