The Citizen Commitment Games held to mark Societe Generale’s 150th anniversary are a sports initiative to raise funds for partner charities.

Long-term support…

Throughout the year, the company provides active support for charities. The Group financially contributes to project development, in particular through its corporate foundation. Societe Generale also enables staff to get involved by becoming mentors or taking part in skills-based sponsorship days.

… for concrete projects

Employees volunteer for the Citizen Commitment Games not only to foster the long-term relationships which we have forged with these charities, but above all to support the causes they fight for. This one-off fundraising event will enable the charities to start new projects or enhance existing initiatives. For instance, with €1,000, SOS Villages d’Enfants France can finance a young person in learning to drive. CARE France, on the other hand, will use these funds to increase the independence of women in Morocco, and Apprentis d’Auteuil will be able to offer more sporting activities to children and young people in their Sannois centre.


Motivated, ingenious employees

Employees compete against each other with ingenuity and creativity, raising more and more. Some hold snack sessions to thank their very first donors *. Others undertake a sponsorship challenge to bike from Frankfurt to Paris **. They all have the same goal: to raise as much money as possible.


There are still a few more weeks to beat the targets

Fundraising continues up until the qualifying trials and may also carry on up to the final on 14 June at Marcoussis. This is how we’ll beat targets and raise funds worthy of Societe Generale’s 150 year history!


* Well done to the 7 Merveilles team for this good idea!
**Well done to the 24 Hour Bikers and for their superb initiative!

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