On Monday 17 February 2014, at the headquarters of Societe Generale's Romanian subsidiary, four employees from the Communication and Marketing divisions worked alongside the directors of the Inocenti Foundation, a charity supported by the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity, as part of a skills sponsorship day.


Founded with the aim of helping children in difficulty, their families and disabled people, the Inocenti Foundation operates in Bucharest and Bistrita.


At the Citizen Commitment Awards 2013, the Foundation won a day of skills sponsorship run by Pro Bono Lab. Following a needs diagnosis carried out by the charity, "the Pro Bono team" targeted a number of improvement priorities regarding its marketing and communication strategy in order to establish its positioning. Having been in existence for 23 years, the Foundation has achieved respectable results without gaining much exposure.


The team at the Romanian subsidiary, trained by Cornelia Ghita, the External Communications Manager and Team Leader for the day, worked with Valentina and Ioana, the Foundation's directors.


At the end of the day, the Foundation went away with a positioning defined thanks to an assessment of its target audience, its unique selling points, and how many other foundations operate in the same geographical area. The team also identified key messages for the Foundation's communications and presented recommendations including creating a corporate identity and redesigning its Facebook page and website. The Societe Generale staff suggested tailoring communications to specific audiences, and linking the Inocenti Foundation with a public figure in order to raise its profile.



After twelve hours of work, a date was arranged in March to visit two of the charity's projects – a hospital and a school.


Valentina and Ioana, the Foundation's directors, said they had had an "excellent day". They said: "this outside feedback is very important for us and we were delighted to have this opportunity. This day will really help us in the future. We hope that this partnership will not stop here and look forward to the team visiting other Inocenti programmes!"


Cornelia Etlrina wanted to share her impressions: "For us, the Pro Bono day was a very useful exercise in strategy, imagination and teamwork. As well as an imaginary voyage into the world of the "Innocents" led by Ioana and Valentina, meeting these two inspiring women also marked a change in our frenetic professional pace, a change that gave us plenty of energy and strength. The day ended at 8 pm, but the creative energy was maintained until the end. The girls have a lot to do to implement all our recommendations, but we will continue to work with them in the future."


Anca and Adi, two other employees who took part in the day, shared the team leader's thoughts: "it was a great opportunity not only to help an organisation that does absolutely extraordinary work, but also to get out of the banking zone a little bit. Even though the two worlds are quite different, the marketing and communication plans entail the same level of performance."

To know more about this organization : Fondation Inocenti

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