The latest Selection Committee meeting of the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity was held on Friday 7 February. Some feedback on the three projects selected.


Assistance for young people entering the world of work with Culture & Liberté Nord


The association works with people in difficulty in the areas of training, social assistance and culture by offering the beneficiaries a number of activities including training schemes tailored for jobseekers in difficulty and activities offered by the Department such as conferences, debates and exhibitions.


For 2014, Culture & Liberté Nord is undertaking a project called Cap Vert pour les Jeunes (‘green path for young people’). It consists of group training courses and work experience in companies to help a dozen or so unqualified young people to make a career plan by providing suitable training.


For 4 weeks, working with the Regards association, the beneficiaries of the programme learn to develop their self-confidence and acquire basic skills. They then do a 15 week work experience with a company. They continue to receive support from the training centre and a mentor while at the company.


The objective is to help them put together a realistic career plan by identifying the steps that they need to take at the end of the programme.


Promoting literacy with Entr’aide ouvrière (‘self-help for workers’)


The mission of Entr’aide ouvrière, an association based in the Indre et Loire Department, is to alleviate poverty and vulnerability. Its activities revolve around 3 major areas including hostels, the Training for Jobs Service, which consists of a professional integration project with 114 places and a training centre.


Entr’aide ouvrière also works with about a dozen prisoners from the jail in Tours. It runs a programme called ‘basic skills workshops for employment’, designed to rapidly reintegrate former prisoners into society, as they are very often excluded from other forms of training.


Two workshops are run for 2 half days per week. They are based on the acquisition of basic skills and providing social and professional support in order to educate the prisoners about working environments: it helps to identify and validate possible ways forward while making available the means to seek employment and training programmes.


The association provides further support for the beneficiaries 3 months after their release in the form of individual interviews.


Professional Integration with GEIQ BTP (Gard Department)


Founded in 2006, the mission of the Gard Group of Employers for Professional Integration and Qualification (GEIQ BTP Gard) is to provide training in the building trade and to recruit and support the beneficiaries through mentoring.


The association approached the Societe Generale Foundation to seek help with developing a project that GEIQ will be involved with throughout the year, namely the major works for the high speed Nîmes-Montpellier railway line.


20 inhabitants of the Gard Department, mainly young jobseekers with very few or no qualifications, will benefit from training and a one year work experience contract to become equipment operators or formworkers. The ultimate objective is to obtain long term employment with Bouygues, the company providing the work experience opportunities.


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