On 23 January, Societe Generale and Mozaïk RH kicked off the third annual PasserElles programme. The ideals behind the initiative were presented at the 2014 launch meeting. The women who had served as mentors in the programme and want to continue their involvement were given a chance to speak about their experiences. The new mentors were able to learn more about how the program works and get all their questions answered by Mozaïk RH representatives, who were there to provide guidance as they met their mentees for the first time.

A closer look at the programme


For three years, the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity has been supporting Mozaïk RH, a non-profit staffing and human resources consulting firm. It conducts initiatives to help young graduates from low-income areas enter the working world. The Foundation funds the PasserElles programme, which supports 80 young women who have completed their undergraduate or graduate studies. They receive assistance from HR consultants and career coaches, and are mentored by female executives. These women often face discrimination due to their social and ethnic background, place of residence and gender. The PasserElles programme aims to steer them on a new course towards a career.

Employee involvement

Since 2011, Mozaïk RH and Féminin by Societe Generale (the Societe Generale Group's association of female executives) have been working together on two powerful initiatives:
- Over 20 female employees from Societe Generale volunteer as mentors in the PasserElles programme;
- Féminin by Societe Generale is organising new events for the beneficiaries of the PasserElles programme.

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