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SOS Group member "Integration et Alternatives" helps people get back into work, providing social and vocational support to more than 150 employees taken on at partner professional integration companies. The charity also takes care of under-18s in acute difficulty.


In 2010, the SOS Group decided to establish a specialist organisation to assist people returning to work, called the “Professional Integration Platform”. Creating this platform has enabled companies which offer professional integration to delegate aspects of support which are difficult for them to manage, such as with issues relating to accommodation, debt or literacy. Each professional insertion case worker specialises in one aspect, and runs training courses throughout the year. For example, case workers may have been chosen to support returning to work, by setting up a mentoring network or through immersive work placements.


In 2013, nearly 190 people received support, including 140 beneficiaries of a professional integration scheme, 4 people on schemes for the under-26s and 29 young people on the Jeunes d’Avenir (Young People of the Future) ongoing pilot initiative.


During the year, the charity saw developments in two key areas. Firstly, the Professional Integration Platform offered its support to new clients and extended its expertise to new sections of the population distanced from employment. Secondly, it established itself as a major resource for the employment of vulnerable groups, both internally at SOS Group establishments and externally with partners involved in professional integration.


The Professional Integration Platform extended its client portfolio in 2013 to support 2 new host companies (Puerto Cacao), as well as 2 professional integration workshops and schemes.


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