As part of the Citizen Commitment Awards 2013, more than 5,000 staff voted for their favourite charitable projects from among 10 campaigns supported by the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation. The three winners, the Inocenti Foundation in Romania, the Sidi Bernoussi Foundation in Morocco and Espace 19 in France received funding and a skills patronage day in cooperation with Societe Generale and Pro Bono Lab staff.


Pro Bono Day for Espace 19 was “varied, friendly and productive


On Monday 9 December 2013, around ten staff members from Societe Generale took part in the Pro Bono Day organised for Espace 19 at the association’s premises on rue Riquet. Having won 3rd place in the Citizen Commitment Awards, the association was keen to improve its strategic thinking and to establish priorities for the next 3 years, taking into account the 2 main themes which it had identified at an earlier stage: financial stabilisation and the quality of its premises. In order to kick start the strategic plan the association had planned a major event for March 2014, centred on the theme: “Espace 19 in 2020”.


The purpose of the Pro Bono Day was to draw up an action plan by identifying points for attention and useful methods for structuring thinking while at the same time making recommendations on the organization of an internal strategic approach. The staff involved in the charity skills patronage day also contributed key ideas for preparing and organizing the March 2014 event.


We hope that we have approached the organization of their association from another angle, and that we have made a contribution by providing food for thought”, explained Cecile Boblin from FranFinance. She went on to say: “They are very professional, skilled and committed: bravo, hats off to this team, which is thoroughly deserving”


The project leader, Vidharshini Ferelloc, agreed that she had been agreeable surprised by the interest shown by staff, some of whom had come from the Paris suburbs. Stéphanie Siri, from the Retail Banking division in France said she had had “A great Pro Bono Day with the Espace 19 Association”, an experience she would gladly repeat, “with no hesitation!


Pro Bono abroad


The two other winning associations in the Citizen Commitment Awards will also be organising a skills patronage day. It will be the first time that this model, used in France since 2012, will be exported to the international arena. From now until the end of the year, the Inocenti Foundation and the Sidi Bernoussi Association will be able to resource the skills of Romanian and Moroccan staff from the Societe Generale as well as the skills of the Pro Bono Lab.


Three cheers and our thanks to all the staff for their involvement!


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