Every week, we highlight one of the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity's partner organisations.


Prado Services was founded in 2007. It is a social reintegration organisation in the French département of Isère. Its main activities are building finishing work (renovation, rearranging interiors) and housekeeping since 2011. The work mainly focuses on cleaning offices, buildings and washing windows.


Prado Services is working to provide resources for permanently reintegrating people into the working world by helping them relearn how to follow schedules, work in a structured environment and observe company policies. Mainly working through tutoring, the association helps beneficiaries for 24 months by providing a network of supervising professionals and a job that fits their career plans.


In early 2013, the Societe Generale Foundation for Solidarity supported the association in helping perpetuate reintegration into the workforce in the housekeeping sector. Prado Services has observed that this is one of the rare sectors today that is hiring and is not being moved overseas.


Therefore, the plan is to offer compelling career opportunities more quickly by providing support that includes enrolment in a programme to earn a Vocational Certificate as a Maintenance/Renovation/Housekeeping Agent, a diploma that is recognized by all companies in the sector that enables them to apply the best manual and automated maintenance standards.


Since the initiative began, three out of the eight original long-term job-seekers or recipients of the RSA (earned income supplement) in the programme have already benefited from the effort. One has graduated from the programme and two others are waiting for their results or are currently enrolled.


The grant also covered funding for equipment like a street sweeper, a vital tool for achieving excellence in support and training.


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