Every week we highlight a partner association of the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity.


With more than 250 volunteers, Autremonde (which translates as “Another World”) is an association that has been fighting exclusion and working to promote education and training since 1994. Various programmes are implemented on the ground to meet needs, in particular initiatives to support migrants through literacy campaigns and day centres to help the vulnerable.  


The aim is to create social bonds through a number of channels, such as listening and support for service users and breaking down barriers.


The “French for Specific Purposes – Tools for Employment” project


In 2012 the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity decided to support one of the association’s projects: “French for Specific Purposes – Tools for Employment”. What was it? The project was a series of four eight-week training sessions, working to build vocabulary and phrases relevant to three specific professions: construction, catering and cleaning.


The aim is to make service users more employable. The training focuses on how to create a CV, preparing for interviews and comprehension of job offers, and is structured around various workshops, including one dedicated to the culinary sector.


In the year 2012-13, 180 young people from the Paris region were able to benefit from the project, with 95% of them completing their CV. Following the work done in these sessions, the trainees were able to put themselves forward and interact with prospective employers.


To help integrate the project beneficiaries, the association invited them to organise social events, attended by professionals and partner associations. This was a more informal way to introduce the principle of building a professional network.



To know more about this organization : Autremonde

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