In September 2013, the Societe Generale Institute for social responsibility in Brazil renewed its social mentoring scheme in partnership with the Vida Jovem association. Let’s take a look at the various employee programs being run in Brazil.


The Institute’s flagship program is its social mentoring scheme. Based on the sponsoring system run by Societe Generale in France, the idea is to create pairs of young people and employees. The aim is to open the door for these young people to the professional world and support them in their first job. Thirty Societe Generale employees are involved in the program. Once a month from September to June, the pairs meet up at Societe Generale to show the young people how the company works and what everyday life is like on the job. The program is run for young people who are part of Vida Jovem, a partner of the Institute since 2012. The aim is to provide general support for young people in socially vulnerable situations. This can take the form of additional education and professional training.


The employees in Brazil can also take part in workshops providing work skills or dealing with recruitment issues for young members of associations supported by the Institute. What’s more, they can also become social ambassadors. The ambassadors are responsible for promoting the Institute’s best practices and action in their individual work environments. Thanks to their efforts, the participation rate of Societe Generale employees in Brazil is particularly high.


Naturally employees can also take part in action on a more occasional basis and help other associations, for instance during the Citizen Commitment Week. Fund raising and volunteering activities are held to benefit Casa do Zezinho, Gol de Letra, etc.



To find out more about the program of our last Citizen Commitment Week in Brazil, and the report on the solidarity challenge that was held then:

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