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The Gustave Roussy is currently the leading oncology research center in Europe. The aim of the Child and Teenager department of oncology is to host and treat young people suffering from a tumour. The team takes care of every kind of cancer affecting young people by developing an appropriate treatment.   


Since 2002, it has been a pioneer in the field of cancer treatment for young people, with the creation of two departments devoted exclusively to Adolescents and Young Adults.


In France, the majority of paediatric cancer patients survive. There is a clear need for these young survivors to rebuild a career plan despite the physical and psychological consequences of the cancer and its treatment. A project, which is part of a wider programme devoted to high school students has been set up to provide support and guidance for these young people. Stefy, one of the beneficiaries of the programme, says, “Not being thought of simply as a patient and having access to the world of work and a future is really important. It felt like I could finally breathe, that I was a real person again!”


To make the project, known as Alé au boulot (going to work) a success, a partnership was established in 2012 with the Juris Santé association. The objective is for a professional guidance counsellor to meet with the young people once per month to discuss a possible personalised career path. After that, proposals are made and solutions are found by a career guidance counsellor. The young people are then guided towards a profession, taking into account any disabilities or continuing treatments they must deal with. Interactive group workshops have also been created to allow them to work in groups on issues related to getting started in a job.


58 patients have benefitted from the programme so far; 3 have found a work experience and 2 have found summer jobs. All of them have prepared for interviews and around twenty have been helped to write a CV and cover letter.


Dominique is one of the patients who has found a work experience. She explains, “I had never felt so well supported in my efforts before the meeting and, as we speak, I am working in a photo studio, which could well lead to longer term employment. I didn’t expect to get back on the path to finding work so quickly (4 months) and, what’s more, in a job that I was able to choose.”


To know more about this organization : Institut Gustave Roussy

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