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Valentina Romania was founded by a group of French expatriates in 2002. For more than 10 years, it has been helping underprivileged people in Bucharest and particularly the inhabitants of Sector 5, a very rundown neighbourhood. The organisation is active in the fight to keep children in school and provides social support to families in difficulty. It has already helped 82 families.



Project “Mama In Actiune” – MIA


After a period of corporate sponsorship by the BRD, a subsidiary of the Societe Generale Group, Valentina Romania received support from the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for the “Mama In Actiune” – Extension (MIA) in March 2013.


The project revolves around the professional integration of single mothers with more than one child. Selected from the most underprivileged areas in Bucharest, these women are given an employment contract and training for a two-year period, including a three-month trial in a sewing workshop. 4 trainees joined the workshop in early 2013, followed by another 5 seamstresses in the spring of this year.


The money allocated to the project has made it possible to carry out renovation work and increase the amount of equipment in the workshop, including the purchase of an embroidering machine, a new tool to help produce more customisable items and so broaden the range on offer.


The organisation can also rely on a sales network of expatriates: a new system of private sales was held in a restaurant for the new collection of bags. What’s more, a show room has been set up in the home of the French woman who runs Valentina Romania, thus creating a permanent shop for customers.


Contact(s) :  Federica Pavani

To know more about this organization : Valentina Romania

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