More than 1,600 pieces of advice were given to our partner associations during Citizen Commitment Week. Here, we focus on the highly useful and motivating advice that was passed on to protégés in France and Brazil.


Mentoring was the flagship initiative of Citizen Commitment Week 2013. This year's citizenship challenge was to collect personalised advice for job-seekers. Questions were submitted to us by our partner associations. This project enabled employees to share their experiences and provide a concrete example of the Group's citizen commitment. Our teams delivered the answers to the beneficiaries after the summer break. Here is some feedback on some of these meetings.


In France


In Paris and throughout the country, 1,087 pieces of advice were collected and delivered to the associations.




In a friendly but no less productive atmosphere, the young job-seekers sat down with three invited sponsors to discuss a range of topics including how to present your CV and, particularly, whether or not a photo is necessary. "These days, recruiters hide the upper section of a CV and no longer want to be influenced, confirms Rachel, one of the sponsors. A photo is not compulsory; no-one will look down on that."


 Mozaïk RH


During the fruitful discussions that took place in small working groups, the protégés did not hesitate to ask questions about the career paths of the employees that attended and were able to find common ground with their own best practices and share their experiences. Three major ideas came out of the discussions: the importance of impeccable job search tools, an active network, both at the peer and superior level and to always apply for jobs commensurate with your skills and experience. There were so many tips and avenues to explore to enable these young women to refine their job searches.


Nos Quartiers ont des Talents


An informal meeting at the end of the day enabled attendees to go further in their support of the protégés. The thirty participants were divided into groups made up of two sponsors and two to four protégés. The idea was to share the experience of several colleagues, to pit their points of view against each other in order to more effectively help the protégés in their job searches. "I've got work to do when I get home, said one of them, but I'll be better for it!"


In Brazil


In Brazil, the Group's employees provided 441 pieces of advice in response to the questions submitted by the youth from the Gol de Letra, Vida Jovem, Miratus and Casa do Zezinho associations. Societe Generale's Social Responsibility Institute in Brazil organis11ed meet-and-greet sessions at each partner organisation so that every piece of advice reached its intended recipient. The aim was not only to promote creative dialogue among young people, but also to involve as many employees as possible.


According to Jérémie Dron, Project Manager at the Institute, there are two key benefits to this initiative: "The youth in attendance appreciate the advice they are given and all the questions receive a constructive answer. In addition, the card system enables employees from all of the Group's companies in Brazil to play a greater role in the initiatives launched via the projects supported by the Institute."


Sources : Sogenews

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