The Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity is keen to see its employees involved in its actions. Three seats on its Selection Committee are reserved for employees, for a two-year term.



The Selection Committee, which is made up of around ten Societe Generale employees, is in charge of allocating non-profit projects subsidies of 10 000 euros or less and issuing recommendations on the other projects, which are then sent to the Board of Directors.



Let’s take a look back at the experience of the three Societe Generale employees whose term is about to come to an end, such as Laurie Le Moal, staff management assistant for the Group’s Human Resources department:



“My non-expert view of the organisations, their regulations and how they operate allowed me to focus more on the purpose of the project at hand and its impact. I think my opinion was based on a combination of following my heart and my head.”



The Selection Committee meets around ten times a year to discuss applications for subsidies made to the Foundation by French and foreign organisations, presented by the Citizenship team in charge of processing the applications.



“A few days before the Committee meeting,” explains Caroline de Seze, a project leader from the Finance division and outgoing member of the Selection Committee, “the Citizenship team sends us the applications with a presentation of the association behind the project, a description of the project (background, target population, objectives) and the financial details. We also receive a recap listing all the projects, the amounts applied for and a detailed recommendation for each project.” Laurie Le Moal adds that, “Generally speaking, they’re all great projects, but some of them stand out as favourites.”



The Committee meetings are held during working hours in the Societe Generale towers inLa Défense. Dependingon their constraints, members can join in by telephone if necessary. This was arranged for Walid Amrane, an auditor for Societe Generale Algeria and outgoing member of the Selection Committee.



“Being a member abroad isn’t complicated,” confirmed Walid. “You just take part in the meetings over the phone. Everything else is quite simple, and being overseas doesn’t make any difference.”



Laurie Le Moal­—who is delighted to have been selected—assures us that she intends to make the most of her last few months on the Selection Committee. “I hope that the next person will enjoy their two years on the Committee as much as I have.”



Are you a French-speaking Societe Generale employee? Three seats on the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation’s Selection Committee for Solidarity are open for a two-year term starting in January 2014. Applications for the Selection Committee are open from now until 27 September at

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Jean-Claude Simhon

the 16 September 2013 at 15:03


Etant impliqué dans le milieu associatif, je serais prêt à participer à cette opération.
Je suis en effet le trésorier de l'association "Parisien d'un Jour", à ce titre j'ai un budget annuel d'environ 80 K€ à gérer. J'ai donc été moi-même confronté aux questions de subventions et de mécénat.
D'autre part, j'ai participé deux années de suite au forum pour l'emploi SG et j'ai trouvé cette démarche intéressante.


Sedera Ranaivoarinosy

the 16 September 2013 at 15:57

Bonjour Jean-Claude,

Merci pour votre message. Si vous êtes intéressé, déposez votre candidiature ici :

L'appel à candidature est ouvert jusqu'au 27 septembre 2013.

Bonne chance !

Equipe Citoyenneté
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